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Have you battled with pain, trying out various treatments that have, at best, only helped for a while?

Research has shown that in most cases, chronic pain is due to changes in the pain messaging systems rather than structural damage in the body. This can often be true even when xrays or scans have shown some changes. ​

This is the reason why many of the treatments commonly used to tackle chronic pain, treatments which tend to only look for and target structural damage only help with symptoms for a while, if at all.


Neuroplastic pain happens when the brain mistakenly reads messages from the body as being harmful when they’re not. Neuroplastic pain is also sometimes called TMS or PPD.

The term neuroplastic pain captures the fact that we are dealing with the nervous system (neural) and that just as the pathways that are present and leading to the pain have been learned, so too can they be unlearned as the pathways are plastic, malleable or modifiable


By working on calming the neural systems we can actually enable our neural pathways to relearn messages of safety, helping our brains to stand down from the state of high alert, enabling us to move on from pain.


 My Passageways Through Pain package provides you with six 1:1 sessions (either at my clinic or online) plus email /Whatsapp support between appointments.

Your investment in your wellbeing -  £595.

You can also book an individual session with me for £105

About Me


As a chronic pain suffer and Specialist Physiotherapist, I understand many of the challenges of living with long term pain.

The stigma from the medical professions, the lack of understanding from other people, the frustration of not getting answers and being told just to get on with it.

Working with people in chronic pain, with functional disorders and other long term conditions, I have always prided myself in providing a holistic service that looks at the whole person but I still felt there was something missing. When I came across the work of SIRPA and Dr Sarno the missing link was found!

I am now able to offer my clients a real route out of chronic pain.

Together we will look at the whole you. And through this exploration together we will develop and plan a programme that is bespoke to you. I will be there to support and guide you along the way on your journey out of chronic pain.


All pain is experienced in the brain. Using functional MRi scans we now know that neuroplastic pain occurs in the same regions in the brain that are engaged when a physical injury is experienced.

This approach can and has helped so many people who have been given a physical diagnosis !

In fact many people with chronic pain will have had a test or a scan at some point that has shown something. Things like wear and tear, degenerative discs, impingements, disc bulges or been told things are out of alignment to name but a few. Most medical practitioners are, for the most part, trained to look for a physical cause and well if you are only looking for a red car , it's really easy to spot a red car!

The thing is, all these findings are also present in people who have no pain. So the pain can’t just be due to the structural findings that you may have been told you have. Which means that the techniques we use in Passageways Through Pain are also really successful in helping people who have been told they have some structural changes or abnormalities because when pain had been there for a while, there will always be some neuroplastic components to it.

As a Physiotherapist, I understand the structural changes that can occur within the body.

As a SiRPA trained Physiotherapist I have the knowledge and experience of the mind-body connection and its role in moving on from chronic pain. And as someone who has suffered from a chronic pain condition I have first hand experience of life beyond chronic pain, something that has only been possible by learning and implementing the mind-body techniques I now offer in Passageways Through Pain.

Client Testimonial

 Carolyn, with great skill, helped me to understand that my 24 hour a day burning feet that I’d had for 2 years       ( diagnosed as erythromelalgia, with no cure ) was TMS.

After 3 months of video sessions, with work for me to do in between, I am 80% better, and will continue to do ‘the work’.
I am happier and more confident. The cloud that hung over me has gone.

"I looked forward to our sessions as her approach was with gentle encouragement, understanding, and humour, which put me at ease and lifted my spirits.

Thank you Carolyn for your skill, guidance and kindness

Jill - United Kingdom


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