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Life Coach – Whole Hearted Wellness

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 Life Coaching – Whole Hearted Wellbeing

What is life coaching anyway??

Life coaching aims to help people become the best version of themselves. Its purpose is to support, guide and challenge people to navigate real and perceived obstacles that are holding them back from the life they desire. Life coaching is different to counselling which tends to focus more on past events, in that it aims to enable the person to take control of their life, goals and achievements. It seeks to help the person to be the driver, by being responsible for their own self care, self improvement and self realisation.

Life coaching is still a relatively new concept in the UK but is a $billion industry in the US, and is not just the domain of the rich and famous.

So lets think about coaching in other areas that we are more familiar with.

Sports coaching is probably the most widely known. From grassroots kids football to elite Olympic and World Championship level athletes, we would expect them all to have coaches

So what does a sports coach do? They observe their athlete, identify strengths & weaknesses; identify blocks or limiting factors in the athlete; come up with and implement a programme to further improve existing skills and develop areas that aren’t so efficient. They encourage, feedback, support, cheer, celebrate the wins and but also tell it like it is.

A sports coach’s role is to enable the athlete to become the best version of an athlete in that discipline. The best version of themselves as an athlete.

A life coach essentially does the same. They observe ( through indepth and careful listening, questioning and observing); they identify strengths and weaknesses; they identify limiting beliefs or blocks that the person may have; they come up with and support the implementation of a programme to improve existing skills, develop areas of weakness & tackle blocks or beliefs. They encourage, support, cheer, celebrate the wins but also tell it like it is. A life coach’s role is to enable the person to become the best version of themselves, to create the life they desire.

Would you expect a footballer or a gymnast or a sprinter to progress and excel without a coach?

If you wanted to get better at tennis or golf would you not get some coaching sessions?

So why not a life coach to help you with some aspects of your life that you would like to get better at?

It could be –

Balancing the various demands on your time

Coping with Anxiety

Problems or being stuck at Work /career

Dealing with change (parents ageing; menopause; illness or injury; kids; career; loss etc);

Difficulties with Relationships (partner; parents; siblings;colleagues etc);

Struggling with your sense of self

Difficulty overcoming negative thoughts

Struggling to follow through with goals or things you start to do (weight loss, fitness, financial etc)

Seeking to find your direction in life

Not prioritising your health and wellbeing

These are just some of the areas that life coaching can help. Just as a tennis coach can help you master your serve, so life coaching can help you develop strategies to master different areas in your life.

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