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Specialist Physiotherapy – Wholehearted Wellbeing

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What do you think of when someone says physiotherapy?

A fitness mad, dictator, putting you into some sort of contortion and forcing you to exercise like an Olympian? ( We know people call us physioterrorists!!!)

Something that you feel has increased your pain and/or fatigue?

Something that you’ve tried before but didn’t help?

I promise there will be none of that when I’m involved!

Let me explain how a physiotherapy session with me goes.

The first thing I’ll do is listen to your story.

And I’ll listen and listen again, and ask you to tell me more about some of the things you tell me. And ask you about some things you might not have told me. And I’ll listen so that I understand what you have been through, what worries you, what you have tried before, what matters to you, what stops you doing the things that matter to you, what do you want to be able to do, what you think might help?

Yes I will look at you moving, I will ask what activity you do, be that exercise in the traditional sense of moving from the sitting room to the kitchen. But the focus is on what matters to you.

I will use my experience and training in physiotherapy, life coaching and philosophy when working with you. I bring my understanding of the physical, emotional and social impact (as well as my own lived experience) of living with a long term condition.

When you work with me the focus is you; your needs, your result.

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