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Unravelling Pain

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Isolation, Lack of freedom, lack of purpose or meaning and fear of death.

These may seem very dramatic but in reality they headings for the main sources of stress we face in life.

And never in our lifetime have they been more apparent than in the last year. Every one of these is present in our lives at the moment.

However much someone may seem to  coping with the pandemic, with lockdown, with restrictions, with the unknown…with the isolation, the lack of freedom, the loss of purpose, with the fear of death……..we are all experiencing this and it cannot but be stressful.

So be kind to yourself, show yourself some compassion, recognise what emotions are coming up for you and acknowledge them.

“To get through an emotion, you have to first go to the emotion”  Susan David

The last few days I’ve found myself being drawn into other people’s chatter.

I found myself getting more and more annoyed and uptight.

To the point that I was starting to feel physical symptoms of this stress.

And that’s when I had to say to myself “hawd the bus…..not my circus, not my monkeys”

It can be easy to get caught up in this kind of thing.

It is important to recognise this self induced source of stress.

All I had to do is remove myself from the situation. Which I did , but not soon enough!!

So its worth just being aware of these sort of situations that we subject ourselves to.

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